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Why Buy From Us?

We know meat. Gate to Plate. We know how to execute, even in chaotic environments. You would not believe some of the war stories we’ve got. We know the producers. We know the supply chain. You don’t need to worry, we’ve got your back.

We can help you understand the “meat lingo”. We can help you navigate terms like “filet” vs “strip”. Why is a ribeye called a ribeye? Prime? Upper choice? What about Prime Rib? Can you have an upper choice prime rib? 21 days age vs 28? What makes “aging” such an important word? Question about why some companies would add seasonings or flavorings to their meat? Duke can tell you why. Duke would NEVER alter the flavor of meat due to added seasonings, spices, marinades or a meat tenderizer. NEVER.

The term “expert” is used so loosely these days. We have a team who understands the nutrition of the animal and is intimately tied in with the web of logistics that takes it from the ranch and puts it on your dining room table at its peak. We know meat.

“Foodies” is another word used a lot. Some are people who cook, some are people who judge other’s cooking, some are people who watch the Food Channel. The people on your team have lived and help shape the food service industry for their whole professional lives. The meat you are putting on your table is coming from a team... (you guessed it) ... that knows meat.

One steak is great, but the one in the next package, well... kind of average. That’s not going to happen with us, because ours is hand picked. We know meat.

You went downtown for your birthday. Great Steakhouse. Magnificent steak. You want to share that with your friends. You had a steak from a grocery store one time that was just as good. But you’re 40 years old. What makes you think you can count on that next trip to the grocery store being this good. Bet on us, because... we know meat.

You’re a “member” of a wholesale club. They’ve got a good meat case. It changes every time you go there, but it’s a pretty good bet, most of the time. It’s way better than the steaks you can buy in the mall parking lot. But you’ve got to go there to shop the meat case and you must pick the right packages. We do that for you, hand-picked in fact, because, we know meat. And they don’t sell our quality.

You went downtown last week. You paid $75.00 for a T-bone. You decided it was worth every penny. Why can’t you throw one like that on the grill at home? You can now, because you just met us. Now we can bring you one as good or better. Now get in front of that grill and prove it!