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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be home to receive my order?

A. We recommend scheduling delivery when someone will be present to receive the order. However, you do not need to be home at the time of delivery. The Duke's Premium Meats driver will leave the order at your door. We can provide a Thermal bag or cooler and freezer packs but we would recommend that you leave an insulated cooler large enough to accommodate the order in your "safe" spot. Our driver will take a photo of the delivery and we will text the proof of delivery with a date and time stamp to you. We will provide enough freezer packs with the product based on the home return arrival time you provided. We can also deliver to your office if it is within our delivery area. Our driver may use their discretion before leaving a package if nobody is available at the time of delivery if they feel that the product could be removed from your property without your permission. We guarantee our products will arrive in perfect condition.

Q. How will my steaks be packaged? 

A. Duke's Premium Meats steaks are vacuum sealed individually in foodservice grade film. They can be placed in a reusable insulated container and loaded up with plenty of frozen gel packs to ensure that the products arrive in excellent condition. If you are able to provide an insulated cooler, we will provide the freezer gel packs. 


Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. For online orders the methods of payment that we accept are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and PayPal. We do not accept cash for orders. If you would like to pay by any other means, please contact us for more details.


Q. What confirmation should I expect to receive after my order has been placed? 

A. You will receive a confirmation page with an order number immediately after clicking the "Confirm Order" button. Within a few minutes you should also receive an email confirmation summarizing the order. If you do not receive either of these, you can contact Customer Service to see if the order processed at 

Q. I just placed an order online. How will I know that it has been delivered? 

A. All shipping notifications and tracking numbers will be sent to the email address you provide during the order process.

Q. What happens if I provide an incorrect shipping address?

A. If you notice any errors on your order please contact Customer Service as soon as possible at We will happily correct the shipping address.  

Q. What is the timeline for receiving my order?

A. We require a 48 hour notification if you are in the local Houston area. For example: If you place your order by 4:00PM on a Monday, your order will arrive on Wednesday.

If you are outside of the Houston area, orders placed by 3:00PM Thursday will arrive the following Thursday or Friday.

Q. What days do you deliver in Friendswood/Pearland and Clear Lake? 

A. Our delivery days are currently Wednesday thru Friday, certain area deliveries are possible M-F. Orders over $100 can be delivered on off delivery days.

Email for additional information. 

Q. What should I do if there is an issue with the order I just received?

A. We ask you to notify us of any issue by the next business day, send a detailed description to our email

We will respond quickly to you. Duke's Premium Meats guarantees all of our products quality. 




Q. Is your meat shipped fresh or frozen?

A. We deliver all of our product fresh in the local Greater Houston area unless specified otherwise. Outside of the Greater Houston area, product is shipped frozen to ensure the quality of the product.

If any product has reached room temperature and is no longer cool to the touch, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately at 

Q. How can I place one order to ship to more than one gift recipient or address?

A. For multiple-address orders, please contact customer service at and we will accommodate you if  at all possible. 


Q. Will you ship an order via FedEx or UPS out of state?

A. Absolutely yes. Contact us at for freight quote. 




Q. How long are steaks good in the freezer? 

A. As long as they are kept at a steady freezing temperature, our steaks can last from 6–12 months in the freezer. 


Meat Terminology

Q. What is the difference between Prime and Choice?

A. USDA Prime is the highest 1-3% of all beef produced in the United States. It contains the highest degree of marbling (intramuscular fat). USDA Choice is the next highest level which contains an abundant amount of intramuscular fat, but less than USDA Prime.


Q. What is the difference between Wagyu and Prime? 

A. Wagyu is a particular breed of cattle and often times exhibits greater marbling than that found in USDA Prime beef. Wagyu is graded using BMS (Beef Marble Score). We can source Wagyu with the proper lead time. Email us for more information at




Q. Where do your products come from? 

A. Our Premium quality protein comes from USDA approved facilities. We only purchase product from suppliers that adopt the industry’s best practices to supply food that meets the highest standards of safety, quality, traceability, environmental stewardship and economic sustainability. 


Giving Back to the Community


Q. What is your charity commitment? 

A. We support both the Houston Food Bank and The Lighthouse Charity Team. If you are not familiar with LCT, here is their website: For every order over $100 Duke's Premium Meats will donate a portion of our proceeds to either of the charities, you choose. Just send us an email to and tell us which charity you would like to support!