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Argentine Red Shrimp

Cooking Directions

These shrimp cook very fast, usually half the cooking time of regular shrimp. If overcooked they become too soft. Be careful NOT to OVER COOK.


  • If desired, add salt, celery, bay leaf or other seasonings to water before boiling.
  • Place frozen shrimp into boiling water and simmer for approximately 2-3 1/2 Minutes.
  • If serving chilled, immediately submerge shrimp into a bowl of ice for 2 minutes to stop the cooking process. 
  • Drain for 2 minutes before serving.


  • Heat butter or oil in a skillet
  • Add thawed shrimp, desired seasonings, garlic, herbs and/or vegetables, then sauté for approximately 1 - 2 1/2 minutes.
  • If using lemon juice, wine or sauce, add during the last minute of cooking.


  • Season or marinate thawed shrimp as desired, then place shrimp on a hot grill for approximately 2 -3 1/2 minutes
  • Turn shrimp over halfway through cooking time.

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